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In the library

Books and reading are extremely important to me. I have always been a reader. These days it’s more online than all the books I used to absorb, but I still buy and read quite a few. These are a few that I currently have on me (there’s no way I could have shipped my whole collection out to me– I’d be penniless!), and I figure a good start to get me going for now. I’m planning to do a small write-up about each one as I finish them– hopefully to not only acquaint myself more with the field but to make sure I’m analyzing what I’m taking in, and actually processing and learning from it as well. I’d like to avoid whatever the reading equivalent is of “in one ear and out the other”.

I’m currently starting with “Theme Park Design” and in a few weeks I’ll probably roll right through the others when I’m on spring break. That’s the hope, at least!

I have a few at home that I have finished, but would like to go back to– one about the history of a ride design company, that I recall off the top of my head. I also think I have started “Project Future” before but either finished it quickly or accidentally never finished it… but I have it now, and that’s the important part!

(On the bright side of cross-country-moving, I got a Kindle as a gift recently. It is loaded up and extremely convenient, if I do say so myself.)