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Halloween is in the mail!

Well, I haven’t posted in a bit, sadly. Been a bit busy with family matters and trying to get everything together for Halloween! A bit of a challenge when you’re really into the details of getting things juuuuuuuust right.

But! I sent my Halloween invites out yesterday, and I thought I would share them. I originally just planned to keep my plans small this year, just do a costume since I didn’t have a big party to go to, buuuuuut that didn’t happen. I had one simple party theme idea and it sparked a whole cascade of things to do! And so here I am trying to finish them all.

I was originally just planning to do a facebook invite as well, but since the whole thing started getting theme-y, well, invites had to as well. So here are the (details changed) invites, to get the thematic wheels turning! Just a taste of what is up next with a post of the research I had to do for my costume/party:

I decided to keep it simple, just mailed them out in plain envelopes, but when I got to the post office I saw some stamps that were almost too perfect to pass up. Love the designs. Since I am sort of “setting” my party in late 1947, in the research facility of the military-industrial-complex-gone-postwar the pieces chosen by the USPS actually set the tone fairly well (although I have no idea, off the top of my head, of any piece’s actual date). The color theme actually works out pretty well in my favor as well…

Image from the USPS

And now, to collect all the resources for the research post!